adj. atematičny · атематичны

Dictionary English-Interslavic. 2015.

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  • Athematic — Unreferenced|date=September 2008In the Indo European languages, thematic roots are those roots that have a theme vowel ; a vowel sound that is always present between the root of the word and the attached inflections. Athematic roots lack a theme… …   Wikipedia

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  • athematic — [ˌaθɪ matɪk, ˌeɪ ] adjective 1》 Music (of a composition) not thematic. 2》 Grammar (of a verb form) having a suffix attached to the stem without a connecting (thematic) vowel …   English new terms dictionary

  • athematic — adj. 1 Mus. not based on the use of themes. 2 Gram. (of a verb form) having a suffix attached to the stem without a correcting (thematic) vowel …   Useful english dictionary

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